Memory consultation

The Memory Consultation centre specialises in the treatment of pathologies affecting the memory and/or other cognitive (orientation, language, calculation, praxis, gnosis, executive function and attention) and behavioural functions. It plays an essential role in diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease, a neurodegenerative disease that causes progressive and irreversible loss of mental functions, in particular memory. The symptoms are: memory loss, difficulty to perform everyday tasks, mood and behaviour disorders, mislaying objects.

This consultation is multidisciplinary and supervized by neurologists. It combines:

  • An in-depth neurological and neuropsychological assessment
  • Further exams if necessary (biological check-up, brain imaging, etc.)
  • Personalized therapy (drug therapy, neuropsychological therapy, speech therapy, etc.)
  • Medical and welfare information for the patient, his or her relatives, and the general practitioner
  • Regular follow-up and check-ups

At the heart of the Neurocentre GSMN, the Memory Consultation centre brings together a large number of medical specialities revolving around neurology.

To make an appointment, please call our medical secretariat at +44 21 962 37 01.