Insured patients in Switzerland

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Contact us

In order to organize your stay, we kindly ask you to send us the Admission questionnaire filled in and signed by the sending doctor.

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Administrative process

We will submit your request for validation to our medical committee as well as your insurance in order to receive the guarantee for all your medical expenses.

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Additional services

If your insurance does only take the basic coverage or if you wish to benefit from additional services, we provide different options so that you may fully enjoy your stay at Clinique Valmont:

For any information concerning our additional services, please contact the admissions department

Prepare your stay

Please find below all necessary belongings for your comfort during your stay.

Necessary documents :

  • Identity document

In your luggage :

  • Athletic wear for physical activities inside and outside (short, training, t-shirt, pull-over etc.), comfortable shoes (gym shoes or sneakers)
  • Swimsuit and bath shoes
  • Underwear and socks for all your stay
  • Toilet case (towels and bathrobe are provided in room)

We would like to remind you that we will provide medication related to your rehabilitation. For any other personal treatment (ex: diabetes, hypertension,…) please make sure you bring them with you.

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Your arrival

We will gladly send you the confirmation for your stay. It will stipulate the day and the time our reception will be waiting to welcome you. Once installed in your room, the rest of the day will be devoted to the realization of various entry assessment and to the presentations of our medical staff taking care of you.

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Your stay

Your therapies will take place from Monday to Friday and will be customized for your medical need. In order to evaluate your progression, the medical staff and the Chief Doctor will come visit you once a week in your room.

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Your return home

Our liaison nurse is the reference person for the organization of a confident homecoming. She will visit you during your stay to answer your questions and determine together what are your specific needs (help with the household, home care, etc.). Then, she will organise the assistance required, so that everything will be ready when you get back home.

Marianne Gyger
Liaison nurse


+ 41 21 962 37 08

Our partner: Sanitas

As a Sanitas Preference customer, you have the possibility to benefit from additional services to make your stay as pleasant as possible. You beneficiate special support that begins before your admission and ends when you feel good enough to take things into your own hands. The Sanitas Preference standard