Therapeutic pool

Therapeutic pool

Clinique Valmont has a large covered and heated therapeutic pool for physiotherapy and adapted physical activity sessions. Pool therapy is widely used and effective in orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation.

Therapies in an aquatic environment can be offered to all patients staying at Clinique Valmont, in addition to other therapies offered within the clinic, such as indoor or outdoor exercises. These sessions are also available for outpatients.

The therapeutic pool is also freely accessible for our hospitalized patients, outside of therapy hours.


The objectives are:

  • Train with body discharge (without the weight of the body)
  • Improve mobility
  • Practice walking safely and without fear of falling
  • Train with water resistance, which allows to adapt the intensity of the exercises
  • Regulate muscle tone
  • Develop endurance
  • Soothe the pains
  • Promote muscle relaxation and relaxation

Wellness area

In addition to the therapeutic pool, the wellness area includes:

  • A sauna
  • A hammam
  • Two tropical showers