Back rehabilitation

Back pain: rehabilitation program

Clinique Valmont has developed an outpatient program exclusively dedicated to the management of back pain. While spinal pain is generally mild and disappears within a few weeks, in certain cases it can be recurrent and generate the onset of disabling symptoms.

Our program is designed to improve life quality by helping patients to regain confidence in their physical abilities and to minimize possible kinesiophobia (the fear of pain due to movement).

Dispensed on medical prescription, the outpatient program consists of three therapies: occupational therapy, physiotherapy and psychological support. It is destined for all patients suffering from back pain undermining daily life activities and is available to everyone regardless of personal medical insurance cover.


The role of physiotherapy is to assess and treat factors that sustain pain. Using a variety of therapeutic tools, the recovery of back functions is possible through appropriate dorsal movements.

Thanks to the advice of our therapists, patients study personal movement habits in order to relearn how to move their backs more harmoniously.

Muscle strengthening exercises also play an integral part of the therapeutic program as good muscular balance is vital to restore enhanced life quality.


  • Improve deep muscle control of the trunk
  • Increase spinal stability and mobility
  • Strengthen lower limb muscles
  • Improve static and dynamic balance
  • Increase cardiovascular endurance during exercise


Our team of occupational therapists helps patients to acquire body movement strategies that reduce discomfort as well as to restore personal movement confidence.

During therapy, patients are coached on the different action principles and postural strategies and how to apply these in real life situations. The objective is to stay active: to move better and more often.


  • Evaluate the patient's challenging life situations
  • Understand the patient's representations
  • Validate any strategies already implemented by the patient
  • Support the patient to find body movement strategies that reduce experienced discomfort
  • Assist and encourage movement confidence
  • Motivate patient to move
  • Work on activity regulation

Psychological support

The psychological support sessions are aimed at helping patients to better understand and cope with their pain and associated disabilities. Our therapists provide helpful tips that can be used on a daily basis and work together with patients to achieve specific goals.

Additionally, mindful relaxation and meditation are commonly used in the management of chronic pain. They facilitate the development of concrete pain management tools.

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