Physiotherapy / Adapted physical activity

Adapted physical activity

Adapted Physical Activity (APA) is a unit of the physiotherapy department. Adapted physical activity includes a range of physical exercises adapted to the patient’s biological, psychological and social abilities in order to improve:

  • physical condition (particularly cardiovascular activities, muscle strength, flexibility)
  • coordination and balance (time/space orientation, fluidity of movement, limb dissociation)
  • emotional potential (motivation, self-confidence)
  • cognitive abilities (perception and processing of information)

Orthopaedic and neurological treatment can be individual or in a group, on ground or in water, as agreed after the initial physiotherapy check-up and based on the medical prescription.

Patients have a large choice of activities and equipment available to them. In order to develop endurance, exercise bikes, a rowing machine and treadmills are available, and we also encourage patients to walk (normally or with walking poles). To develop strength, we work with dumbbells, elastic bands and machines. For coordination, balance, or just for fun, why not try out table tennis, Gobba-ball, pétanque, darts, archery or even climbing. Finally, we also offer dancing and relaxation sessions.