Neuropsychological programme

  • Assessment (1 to 3 hours)

After an account of the patient’s history (directed medico-social interview), the neuropsychologist carries out a check-up, performing standard psychometric tests (based mainly on age, socio-cultural level and gender), examining:

  • language,
  • calculation,
  • gestural capacity (praxis),
  • perceptual capacity (gnosis),
  • memory,
  • executive functioning (planning, inhibition, mental flexibility, etc.),
  • attention,
  • reasoning,
  • etc.
  • Rehabilitation (30 to 60-minute sessions)

Where appropriate, the neuropsychologist suggests a rehabilitation programme. Therapy is adapted to each patient; it aims to restore and reorganise capacity and/or to compensate for deficits. Through daily or weekly rehabilitation sessions, patients are helped to achieve a satisfactory degree of autonomy in everyday activities, both personal and professional.