At a glance



In addition to the standard rooms, the clinic has 7 generously sized suites and 19 junior suites offering all the amenities of a luxury hotel.



Facing the majestic Alps and Lake Geneva, our clinic offers spacious, sunny rooms. The layout and high quality of the infrastructure give the clinic a warm, welcoming feel. Catering to your needs is one of our priorities.



Our clinic has a large number of employees, all fully committed to patient care. We offer only personalized therapies, tailored to each patient’s exact medical needs.



All our doctors are at your disposal to ensure optimal and personalized care. Please feel free to let them know about any special wishes or requirements. They will be happy to help you throughout the course of your stay with us.


Patients per year

The clinic has an excellent reputation for orthopaedic and neurological rehabilitation, thanks mainly to the strong commitment of all our highly qualified staff.



7 occupational therapists, 14 physiotherapists, 3 speech therapists, 5 neuropsychologists and 4 sport coaches form the center of excellence of Clinique Valmont. Our therapists offer individualized therapies adapted to the pathology of each patient. 

Maginificent flowered park

Apart from its purely medical aspects, the clinic is ideally located, with breathtaking views of the lake and mountains. The beautiful grounds likewise provide our patients with a peaceful, serene environment conducive to their well-being. This also allows us to combine rehabilitation with outdoor walks in pleasant surroundings when patients are well enough to do so.

Technical facilities covering 1500 m2

The clinic provides all the tools necessary for rehabilitation, including state-of-the-art facilities for a fast and steady recovery.